Схема tch для mach3

Either the larger primary jets or the less powerful vernier jets are used for rotational maneuvers, depending on whether norm or vern is selected on the panel C3 orbital DAP panel. The HSI has four flags- off, brg (bearing), GS (glide slope) and CDI-and two barberpole indications that can respond to separate DDU commands, identifying invalid data. Sub WaitForPoll () Waits until a Modbus Poll has taken place. During ascent, depressing any of the four CSS push button light indicators will mode flight control to augmented manual in all axes, illuminate all four CSS push button light indicators and extinguish all four auto lights.

These DROs, suitably labelled, can be placed on a screen. The LVLH automatic option calculates the attitude necessary to maintain LVLH with a desired body orientation. LVLH, which is available only on orbit in automatic or manual, calculates the attitude necessary to track the center of the Earth with a given body vector. Returns non-zero value if operation is sucessful. ??? OpenSubroutine file is describes in Release Notes as exactly the same as OpenTeachFile. It is not exactly clear whsat the significance of this is. However, the need to have sufficient lift despite the relatively poor aerodynamics forces a high touchdown speed of about 200 kt.

The manual mode translation push button light indicators are used on orbit, and mixed modes are permitted on an axis-by-axis basis. При помощи Пульта ДУ произведите позиционирование плазмотрона до наиболее отдаленной точки по выбранной стороне. Rotating the SBTC back decreases the SSME thrust level or opens the speed brake. The GSI computation is not made during entry or below 1,500 feet during approach and landing; therefore, the pointer is stowed and the GSI flag is displayed during those intervals.

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